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Training is the front line of risk management

A Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) is possibly the most important structure on a mine site, being potentially a high-risk asset, with consequences of failure ranging from expensive clean-up operations through political consequences that could jeopardise a company’s viability to the ultimate consequence – loss of life.

Training of personnel is the best method of risk mitigation for these structures.

The course objectives are for tailings dam operators and managers to:

  • Appreciate the risks inherent with a TSF and understand their personal responsibilities.
  • Understand the design features of a TSF – going through the design process, potential failure modes and how to identify potential deformities.
  • Understand the potential environmental impacts from a TSF.
  • Review their own TSF operations manual and other relevant documentation.
  • Recognise dam safety triggers during routine inspections – undertaking learn how to complete an effective dam inspection and understand appropriate actions.
  • Demonstrate completion of monitoring of the TSF that safely, effectively and efficiently meets the required outcomes including: Visually checking and maintaining written records.
  • Identifying, assessing, addressing and reporting environmental issues, risks and hazards.
  • Identifying, checking and monitoring instrumentation.

Upon completion of the training, site personnel will be better equipped to undertake routine TSF surveillance inspections, and be well placed to recognise and act on potential threats to dam safety.

Training agenda

  1. Introduction to tailings
    What are tailings? What is a tailings storage facility? How are tailings deposited?
  2. Tailiings dam failures and consequences
    What are the risks involved in TSF operation and the consequences of TSF failure?
  3. Tailings dam safety requirements and guidelines
    What are the roles, legal responsibilities and knowledge requirements of personnel? What are particular organisational requirements?
  4. Tailings dam design and features
    What are typical features of embankment dams and tailings storage dams in particular? How are risks addressed during the design phase?
  5. Tailings dam operation and surveillance
    How are risks managed during operations? Which surveillance parameters need to be monitored? How does your Operations, Maintenance and Surveillance (OMS) manual shape up?
  6. Inspections
    How is an appropriate inspection planned, performed and reported?

Trainers work closely with our trainees to provide a site visit to simulate a real TSF inspection as part of the training.

PPE Requirements

  • High Vis Vest
  • Safety Goggles
  • Work Boots
  • Enclosed work gear
  • Safety Hat