Louise graduated from the University of Edinburgh with a Masters in Civil Engineering in 2011, she is a Chartered Engineer and Project Manager with Engineers Australia and is registered on the Australian National Engineering Register. She has led technical studies, worked in country and volunteered with international development organisations at sites located across Asia, Australia, Ghana, Nepal, South America, South Africa, the Philippines, UK and USA.

Louise is currently in a Senior Tailings Engineering role in the Gold Fields Global Corporate Technical Services team. She has supported Gold Fields with local and international tailings projects and strategic initiatives for over five years and is responsible for the management of local and international, multimillion-dollar, interdisciplinary mining and tailings projects across the Gold Fields portfolio; including the strategic implementation of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and TSF Climate Change Resilience, across global operations. Louise recently supported the Gold Fields Australian regions as an RTFE in an interim capacity.

Louise represented Gold Fields, as part of the ICMM, in the development and review of the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and Conformance Protocols, she recently presented two papers at the 7th International Conference on Tailings Management conference in Chile and was a course facilitator for the AusIMM tailings management course.

Louise is looking forward to seeing today’s initiatives support Gold Plants of the Future!

Presentation Title: Achieving Substantial Conformance with the GISTM – An Operator Perspective