Olle has a broad international experience in the areas of Crisis and Emergency Management, from front-end operational level, through Senior Management and Executives levels in multinational companies and organizations, to Government/Cabinet Minister levels.

With more than 35 years’ experience as a Senior Fire Officer, in Fire & Rescue Operations with a specialty in Command & Control within large-scale operations, in Fire Department, Major Emergency Management for onshore and offshore operations, industry and forestry, he has a holistic risk-based approach to Crisis and Emergency Management.

He has conducted numerous large-scale fire and rescue operations offshore and on land.

He has designed and implemented crisis and emergency management systems for global companies and worked for NATO’s civilian branch, the EADRCC as Head of Evaluation.

Presentation Title: Operational Manuals & Emergency Response Planning – What Does Good Look Like?


To be accessible and understandable Operational Manuals for a TSF and the Emergency Response Plans should not duplicate or contradict each other. In many cases the two documents are written for different parts of the organisation, and sometimes for different stages. One to guide and regulate the prevention of a TSF failure and the other to mitigate the impact of an emergency caused by such a failure.

The presentation will deliver a concept for delineation, alignment and interaction between the two documents, to ensure simplicity and functionality. It will also explain the “common operating picture”, and “strategic intent”, as simple and useful tools to be applied, in the unlikely event of a catastrophic TSF failure.