Richard is a data integration specialist and hydrographer with 18 years’ experience in the water, power, geotechnical and environmental monitoring sectors. Richard specialises in the design and implementation of telemetry and intelligent data management solutions, taking an end-to-end delivery approach to digital integration services.

Presentation Title: A unified approach to data visualisation and alerting at a large tailings storage facility


Entura has partnered with BHP and their Engineer of Record (SRK) to develop a telemetered data collection, presentation, analysis and alerting system for all instrumented Vibrating Wire Piezometers (VWPs) within their Tailings Storage Facility. Near real-time data, amounting to nearly 300 individual VWPs across 85 dataloggers, is provided to engineers on a series of GIS based interactive maps and dynamically updated dam wall cross-sectional charts.

Data analytics have been developed to send alerts to key personnel when TARP setpoints are exceeded or when excessive rates of change are observed. Additionally, automated quality assurance algorithms have been developed to assess each engineered dataset for gaps, flatlines and variability for real-time and monthly reporting.This innovative telemetry and dynamic monitoring system assists BHP in meeting GITSM Principle 7 by promoting more proactive risk management of their tailings infrastructure.